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At Pure Goodness Bakery, we stand by The All Natural Difference.  Our ingredients are carefully chosen to ensure our desserts are better for you by only using premium ingredients.

ALL NATURAL FOOD COLORING:  No chemicals here!  All our colorings are 100% natural plant based colors.  Absolutely no artificial coloring ever!

ALL NATURAL FLAVORING:  Artificial isn't our thing, so all our flavoring is 100% natural.  Absolutely no artificial flavoring ever!

NON-GMO:  Why mess with mother nature?  We always use non-gmo base ingredients like flour and sugar and search extensively for non-gmo for all our ingredients.  We will always choose the non-gmo ingredient if available.

GOOD OILS:  Whenever possible, we replace bad oils, like vegetable oil, with better for you oils, like avocado or coconut oil.

ORGANIC:  The less chemicals the better, so whenever possible, we use organic ingredients.

CAGE FREE EGGS:  Animals deserve a good life too, so we only use cage free eggs.

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